Strategies and Tactics:
Being right is not enough to win! The number and effectiveness of activists supporting a candidate or an idea determine the winners of political elections.

1) Increase Party Membership    
 The Tehama Republican Party will maximize the size of the party’s membership as measured by voter registration. We will continue throughout the year to hold voter registration drives as special events present us with opportunities to meet large numbers of people at specific locations. Registered Republicans vote for Republican candidates.

2) Candidate Support     
The Tehama Republican Party will connect Republican voters to Republican candidates. We will, to the limit of our resources, make certain that a Republican running for a non-partisan office who reflects Republican principles and ideals is given support in their election. There is no non-partisan public office.

3) Educational Inclusion
The Tehama Republican Party will provide educational outreach programs to the area high schools by offering to speak to interested upper class students about Republican Party principles and ideals. Political persuasion and motivation should start as early as possible.  

4) Get Out The Vote
The Tehama Republican Party will increase Republican vote turnout. This effort will be implemented by the in-person Republican Neighborhood Precinct Organization book. The outline of the program is to have Republican volunteers personally visit Republican voters in their neighborhood during the final weeks of the campaign, drop off a list of Republican candidates, and remind them the election is close and to vote on election day. Politics is about people. Face to face, one on one is the best way to reach people.

5) Volunteers
The Tehama Republican Party will engage Republican volunteers throughout the election cycle. We will work with the Women’s Federated Group to coordinate guest speakers that will be featured at luncheon or dinner meetings. We will treat Republican volunteers as the most important people in our County Party and we will actively look for any opportunity to honor them.  People are the second most important resource we have (time is first because once gone it can never be replaced; money is last because it can be replaced).

6) Fund Raising
The Tehama Republican Party will raise the funds to implement the strategies 1-5 above. We will continue to host the annual fundraising dinner as we have done in past years. In addition we will look for new opportunities to raise funds by other events that occur throughout the year in Tehama County. We are a campaign organization that is in the business of helping candidates win elections.

District 1
Sonja Akers
Joel Johnson
Amy Johnson

District 2
Bernard Buehler
Guadalupe (JR) Gonzales
Donna Blanchette

District 3
Donald Polson
Ken Say
Val Say
Jeanie Garton
Lindajo Bennett

District 4
Marilyn Nielsen
Michael Holtsclaw

District 5
Linda Davis
Linda Alston

Ex-Officio Members
Gary Merlo (Gallagher)
C. Jerome Crow (Nielsen)
Awaiting appointment (LaMalfa)