​We are pleased to announce the winner of Trumpy Bear is Bob Nance, owner of Bob's Tire Center in Red Bluff and Corning. The Tehama County Republicans wish to thank everyone who took part in our fundraiser which will benefit the mission of our committee and help support our Community Service Scholarship for high school seniors in Tehama County. Thank you for stopping by and visiting us at this year's Tehama District Fair.
Fair booth helped 'Make Tehama District Fair Great'
Bob Nance wins Trumpy Bear
Pictured with the "Adorable Deplorable" is Bob's son Lance Nance at the Red Bluff Bob's Tire Center. Above is our booth at the recent Tehama District Fair.
What a great weekend to be a Republican in Tehama County. First, it was a beautiful and windy day in Corning. We spent the day at the Corning Olive Festival meeting with so many great American's and getting the word and yard signs out for our state candidates. Then we learned of the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. It was encouraging to see just how many people are celebrating with us. We have just about a month to "Keep Making America Great" by electing Gov. John Cox, keeping Doug LaMalfa in DC as our Congressman and repealing the Gas Tax by voting Yes on Prop.6.
2018 Corning Olive Festival

The Tehama County Republican Central Committee met for their Endorsement and Organizational Meeting on Thursday, Oct. 18. The committee voted unanimously to endorse and re-elect Republican candidates for Congress Doug LaMalfa, State Senate Jim Nielsen, and State Assembly James Gallagher. The committee also voted unanimously to endorse the statewide proportions endorsed by the California Republican Party as listed below.

2018 November Ballot Proposition Recommendations

Prop. 1: Veterans Housing Bond – NO
Prop. 2: Amends Mental Health Services Act – YES
Prop. 3: Water Bonds – Neutral
Prop. 4: Construction Bonds – NO
Prop. 5: Property Tax Requirement Changes – YES
Prop. 6: Gas Tax Repeal – YES
Prop. 7: Changes Daylight Savings Time – YES
Prop. 8: State Regulations of Kidney Dialysis Clinics – NO
Prop. 9: Divide CA into Three States - NA (REMOVED FROM BALLOT)
Prop. 10: Expands Local Government over Rent Control – NO
Prop. 11: Changes Employment Conditions for Ambulance Drivers – YES
Prop. 12: New standards for Confinement for Certain Farm Animals – NO