Election 2018 - Riding the Red Wave
John Cox, Republican candidate for California Governor meets with members of the Tehama County Republican Central Committee Linda Alston, Jerry Crow and Linda Davis.
John Cox visits Corning Patriots 
Where to get Yard Signs
Tehama County Republican Central Committee has yard signs for John Cox for Governor, Congressman Doug LaMalfa, Senator Jim Nielsen and Mark Meuser for Secretary of State. Please contact us if you want to display them. Also is you have freeway property and would like larger signs let us know.

For more information about any of the candidates or issues, click on the the icons below.
2018 November Ballot Proposition Recommendations

Prop. 1: Veterans Housing Bond – NO
Prop. 2: Amends Mental Health Services Act – YES
Prop. 3: Water Bonds – Neutral
Prop. 4: Construction Bonds – NO
Prop. 5: Property Tax Requirement Changes – YES
Prop. 6: Gas Tax Repeal – YES
Prop. 7: Changes Daylight Savings Time – YES
Prop. 8: State Regulations of Kidney Dialysis Clinics – NO
Prop. 9: Divide CA into Three States - NA (REMOVED FROM BALLOT)
Prop. 10: Expands Local Government over Rent Control – NO
Prop. 11: Changes Employment Conditions for Ambulance Drivers – YES
Prop. 12: New standards for Confinement for Certain Farm Animals – NO